Fibro adenomas are non cancerous (benign) and harmless tumors which are made up of fibrous tissues of the breast. These are common in adolescent women. The incidence of Fibroadenoma reduces with increasing age.

Fibroadenomas are smooth, round and easily movable swellings. It is referred as ‘Breast Mouse’ or ‘floating tumor’ as it easily sleeps away from fingers. Size of the tumor may vary from one to five centimeters.

It could be single or multiple. Generally it is painless and may affect both breasts.

Pain and tenderness (pain when touched) may be present especially before periods and subsides after periods. These cyclical changes are because of the hormonal changes. This is the reason why it is less common after menopause.

Diagnosis can be made by clinical history, physical examination, Mammography and even Biopsy.