The human adult is resilient and adapts to everything around him. However, a child's body is fragile especially during infancy hence it is necessary to opt for a mode of treatment that does not do any harm to your kid.


Homoeopathy is effective in treating variety of troubles that a child faces. Whether it is an infantile colic, teething trouble, aches and pains or even a behavioral disturbance. Homoeopathy can manage them all. The Homoeopathic system of medicine works from within, it helps in strengthening a child's immunity and thus helps in keeping illnesses at bay. It strengthens the child's natural defenses so that he or she can fight off the cold or flu that every child around him may be facing. And helps them stay healthy and illness-free for longer durations of time. Homoeopathic medications not only relieve common and acute problems of children but also prevent recurrent episodes of ill-health. Recurrent tonsillitis, enlarged adenoids, bedwetting, allergies, asthma, bronchitis, diarrhea, constipation and many more illnesses can be safely and effectively treated with Homeopathy. Emotional and behavioral disorders such as anxiety, depression, defiant or aggressive behavior can also be treated with Homeopathy.


The biggest advantage of Homeopathy is that the medicines are easy to administer and not bitter. Kids love them as they are small, sweet sugar pills which can be administered directly or can be crushed with the help of spoon and then given to the child. Children willingly and happily take Homeopathy.


We at Dr. Renge’s TOTAL clinic seeing a lot of children everyday suffering from low immunity and associated problems. Small homeopathic magic pills do wonders in them as their immunity improves as well as it takes care of them during fever, cough and pains also.


Case 1: Ankita , aged 17yrs old visited to our clinic with severe hair loss problem, her scalp was almost visible. After taking her case history we got to know that she had Asthma in childhood and for the same she was on inhalers and even steroids. With continue use of these medication she started losing hair and her Asthma was still bothering her.


After analyzing her case history homoeopathic medicine Silicea was given to her. Gradually she was off from her inhalers & steroids & started showing hair growth also.


Case 2: Rahul 14yrs, visited to us for retinal nerve atrophy, Vitiligo & Adenoids. His parents were very anxious and in panic as he was losing his eyesight. Even for adenoids,surgery was advised to him. After understanding his mental and physical health homoeopathic medicine CalcariaIod was prescribed to him . He responded so beautifully with the treatment that his vitiligo is cured,adenoids are normal and his vision is stable and not deteriorated further.


Case 3: Twinkle 7yrs, visited to us with the complaint of allergic cough, from which she is suffering since she was 2yrs old. Every year she had been hospitalized for the pneumonia. Since last 4years she is absolutely fine not even once she got pneumonia and there was no need for hospitalization.